Sinjoren are the true Antwerp people, born and living between the river Scheldt and the Leien.

Very friendly but proud they love to show you the most beautiful places of their ‘metropolis’

They start on the Town Square and through very nice little streets and alleys, such as Vlaeykensgang and Wijngaardstraat, they take you to lively squares such as Vrijdagmarkt, Handschoenmarkt, Groenplaats and Conscienceplein.

You will see beautiful monuments such as the Town Hall, the Brabo fountain, the cathedral, the museum Plantin-Moretus and the Charles Borromeo church. This is an ideal tour to discover our city.

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Steen (Stone castle) – Vleeshuis (Butcher’s Hall) – Grote Markt (Town Square) – Hendrik Conscienceplein – Kathedraal (Cathedral) – Vlaeykensgang – Vrijdagmarkt (Friday Market) – Museum Plantin-Moretus
When accessible you will bring a short visit to the pedestrian tunnel under the river Scheldt, the inner courtyard of the Plantin-Moretus museum and the Charles Borromeo church.
€ 130
120 minutes
20 persons per guide
Stone castle (Lange Wapper statue)