Our History


Because there was a growing demand of trained city guides the actual association Gidsenbond was founded. It laid contact between potential costumers (schools, travel agencies,…) and the member guides, and took care of bookings. The association was successful and grew constantly, with a logical relapse during the Second World War.


The city of Antwerp established “Municipal Courses to Train Guides”.


The city of Antwerp established a “Guide Bourse” and so took care of bringing guides and tourists into contact. It appealed to guides of the Gidsenbond and took over all administration. The Gidsenbond became a cultural organisation that promoted the interest of its members and provided further training.


The first edition of “Antwerpsche Tydinghen”, the Gidsenbond magazine, was published.
The Gidsenbond changed into a legal non-profit organisation and changed its name: Gidsenbond van Antwerpen.


A new name: Koninklijke Gidsenbond van Antwerpen (K.G.B.A.)


The training of tourist guides became a matter for the Flemish Community: a two years’ course. Those who graduate, receive a diploma certificated by Toerisme Vlaanderen (Visit Flanders).
The association took its actual name: Koninklijke Gidsenvereniging van Antwerpen (KGvA).
ALVO, a study group was founded, to provide further training and actual information.


A new study group, the Product Cell, became active to actualize existing tours and to develop new guided walks.


The association took on the name Antwerp City Guides to communicate with the wider public.
Over 150 guides lead some 10,000 guided tours in the city and municipal monuments and museums.


KGvA concludes a collaboration with Experience Antwerp and becomes a provider of tourist walks and guided tours. A Quality Control Team is established, which also supports new guides.