A COACH TOUR: see a lot in a short period of time

A coach tour is the perfect way to get acquainted with a selection of major districts in a short period of time.

You start at the edge of the historic city centre and the coach takes you through the Latin Quarter, the “Eilandje”, the Jewish district, the Diamond district …

You have a short stop at Central Station, the famous railway station that, year by year, is chosen as one of the most beautiful ones in the world.

If possible you  leave the coach to have a look inside.

Coaches must not enter the city centre but you can combine the coach tour with a stroll in the old centre, from the Scheldt quays to the beautiful surrounding of Grote Markt.

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A coach tour along the Port House, the MAS museum, Central Station, Cogels-Osylei, the Court of Justice and many other highlights.
• Own transportation : you provide the coach and a driver; the coach must not be too long or too high
• Audio equipment : your guide’s voice must be audible above the noise of the traffic and all the way to the back of the coach , Please provide a microphone and an amplifier and make sure they work
• 1 guide per bus . If each passenger has individual earphones and the guide has a microphone the group can be larger.
• The route is conditional. We will deviate from the planned route if there are traffic problems or long delays at locks or bridges.
• Customisation after consultation. if you want to shorten the trip or adjust the programme, add an extra stop or a stop for refreshments, just let us know when you make a reservation. We will consult with the guide.
€ 121
120 minutes
Maximum number of participants: If you have an audio whisper system, 50 persons per guide; if not 20 persons per guide.
Kaai 19 (GPS 37 Ernest van Dijckkaai, 2000 Antwerp)