Get to know Antwerp historic city centre and visit Our Lady’s Cathedral extensively.

Your guide will take you through the historic city centre. You will start at the river Scheldt, which is Antwerp’s life line, you will walk along the Steen and the Butchers’ Hall to the Great Market Place with its magnificent town hall and the guildhalls. All these buildings bear witness of Antwerp’s Golden Age. A stroll through Vlaaikensgang – a charming alley – will lead us to the Cathedral.

Inside the Cathedral you will enjoy Peter Paul Rubens’s masterpieces, marvellous sculptures and you will be dumbfounded in front of the unique pulpit.

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Steen – Butchers’ Hall – Great Market Place – Oude Koornmarkt – Vlaaikensgang – Cathedral
Entrance fees to the cathedral are not included. Exceptionally visits to the cathedral will not be possible, due to religious services.
€ 130
120 minutes
20 persons per guide
Steenplein – Lange Wapper statue