In 2013 the old provincial house was demolished. On the same spot a compact, visionary and sustainable new provincial house has been built. Since 2018 Antwerp has had a new iconic building. Architect Xaveer De Geyter’s design is maximally open, transparent and sustainable. The new garden around the provincial house adds natural environment.

You will be told why the provincial government was not abolished.

During the tour you will be given an inside view of the Province of Antwerp headquarters, where the governor, the executives and the central services work.

You will experience how this exceptional architecture embodies the province’s ambitions.

You will be told how the newest sustainable technology heats and cools a high rise without fossil fuels.

During the tour you will also notice the variety in working spaces hidden behind the triangular windows. A gaze through these windows offers a spectacular view on the surroundings.

We will be glad to tell you more about the outstanding architecture of this iconic building. We will also briefly explain the role of the provincial government.

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Provincial House
Access to the entrance hall is always free. Other parts of the building that are normally not accessible will be visited during this tour.
€ 121
105 minutes
20 persons per guide
22, Koningin Elisabethlei, 2018 Antwerp Meeting point: entrance hall