THE NEW LAWCOURT – on the wings of justice

Since 2006 Antwerp has had a new landmark. The Butterfly Palace, as the new court of justice is sometimes called, is one of the most remarkable examples of modern architecture in Antwerp: a glass palace, in which people, but especially those who seek justice, are important.

Was this new court of justice really necessary? What is the ‘salle des pas perdus’? Which awards has the building received so far?

During your visit these and many other questions will be answered. Evidently we will be pleased to tell you about the architecture of this iconic building and we will briefly deal with particulars of justice.

The view of the neighbourhood, such as New South with the tower of the power plant, is magnificent, especially from the top floor.

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The new lawcourt
The shell roofs are really spectacular, especially when you are at eye level with their base.

Free entrance

Sharp objects (such as knives, nail scissors, etc.) are strictly forbidden. When entering everybody will be scanned, the same way as at airports.

The building is fully accessible for wheelchairs.
90 minutes
20 persons per guide
20, Bolivarplaats, Antwerp. Meeting point: at the bottom of the steps