GEMS BETWEEN BERCHEM RAILWAY STATION AND DE KONINCK BREWERY: a delightful mix of culture and beer tasting

There is a lot to explore between Berchem railway station and the renewed De Koninck city brewery. Book this guided tour and learn everything about the magnificent Zurenborg district, the Green District and much more.

At the start you savour the Art Nouveau and various neo-styles of the Zurenborg district.

You continue your tour at the other side of the railway bridge, where you are seduced by the  delicious taste of the genuine ‘Mokatines’ (coffee sweets).

Via the former ice factory we arrive at the trendy Green Quarter and listen to the story of the Military Hospital.

The chapel, once a place of worship, now accommodates the culinary temple ’The Jane’.

Walking past the gems of Helenalei and the beautiful building of ‘Good Engels’, we finally arrive at the interactive beer experience centre of De Koninck city brewery.

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Guldenvliesstraat – Waterloostraat – Transvaalstraat – Joshua Duponplaats – Stanleystraat – Lange Leemstraat – Groen Kwartier – Helenalei
Your guide focuses on architecture, history and evolution.
€ 121
120 minutes
20 persons per guide
Hall of Antwerpen-Berchem railway station (at the side of Burgemeester E. Ryckaertsplein).