YUMMY YUMMY: a cultural palate of flavours

A delicious gastronomic tour along the touristic hotspots of Antwerp and a perfect introduction to savoury and sweet pleasures in the city.

What you need to know about our gourmet walks:

  • Not available on Sundays and on bank holidays
  • The delicacies are not included. You collect the contribution for the delicacies beforehand and you hand it over to the guide upon departure.
  • The contribution is:
    • € 5 per person
    • € 7.50 per person (inclusive of an Elixir or gin)

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Grote Markt – Vleeshuis – Steen – Vlaeykensgang – Korte Gasthuisstraat
The trail and the endpoint depend on the agreements made that day with the shops and pubs.
120 minutes
20 persons per guide
13 Grote Markt (corner Wisselstraat) of the guides’ building at Scheldekaai 19 (GPS: Ernest van Dijckkaai 37, Antwerp)