Antwerp was granted city rights in 1221. For 800 years Antwerp has provided many stories to be told and as many sights to be seen.

Why are Antwerp locals known for their arrogance? Why do the people of Antwerp still speak of ‘the others from across the water’? What on earth are they digging up at the Steen? What does the renovated city hall look like and has the citizen’s role changed following the renovations? Privileges: what are they and are we really that privileged? To what do we owe such a magnificent building as the Stock Exchange?

You will find the answers to all of these burning questions and many more during this walk.

We start at theSteen, stroll through the historic centre, admire (if possible) the inside of the beautiful, recently renovated Stock Exchange and finish at the city hall.

You’re signing up for a fascinating journey through the past, but you’ll finish with a glimpse of the future. You will certainly be surprised by how much this 800-year-old has to tell you.

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The Steen – Vleeshuis (Butchers’ Hall) – Grote Markt – Conscienceplein – Stock Exchange – Meir – Boerentoren – City Hall
When accessible we briefly visit the Stock Exchange.
€ 121
120 minutes
20 persons per guide
The Steen (Lange Wapper Statue)